Joan & Timmy (香港 婚紗攝影 Jan 2013)

While I was doing research on our pre wedding photos session, I’ve found a shop with great comments and feedbacks online: Bliss Wedding. I am so glad that we found them. April, the shop staff was a great help and nice. All my questions, concerns and requests were answered in no time. She was able to provide us a lot of detailed information, as well as the package price. Clearly told what was it included, what was not. Most importantly, no hidden fee!

My big day is just a few months away, it was a bit hurry to have the photo session. Despite the time is pressing, she tried her very best to arrange a possible time slot for us. I was really impressed with her attentive and patience.

My fiancé and I definitely enjoyed the photo session with their great photo shooting team. We had a great time on that day.

Photographer, Ah Kei and along with assistance Ah Kit, are very friendly. Ah Kei was very funny, he tried to make a lot of jokes in order to catch our most natural smiles and facial expression. In order to get the best angle and lighting, he sometimes even lied on the floor as he did not mind getting dirty of his clothes. It was worthwhile even with our body were shaking under the chilly weather. We enjoyed every moment during the whole day.

For makeup, Natalie is a great make up artist and we chatted along the whole day. I love the make up that she put on me. She chose a hairstyle that best complement with my gown, as well as it fitted my personality.

With Natalie, Ah Kei and Ah Kit, they all showed their professionalism. The words “thank you” just weren’t enough to appreciate for their contributions and assistance. They did a tremendous job and way beyond our expectations.

Good things didn’t stop there. Bliss wedding returned the photos in soft copy just within a week! They are very effective, compare to all other comments from our peers. Photos are amazing, we can’t believe the outcomes were so unique despite the shooting places are all popular choice in Hong Kong.

The pre wedding photos fill with loves, goodness and happiness. We would highly recommend Bliss Wedding to anyone who is planning to take wedding photos.


Bliss Wedding 以專業婚紗攝影態度,時尚婚紗攝影風格,吸引婚紗攝影價錢,讓你享受不一樣的婚紗攝影服務。 Bliss Wedding 以專業婚紗攝影態度,時尚婚紗攝影風格,吸引婚紗攝影價錢,讓你享受不一樣的婚紗攝影服務。 Bliss Wedding 以專業婚紗攝影態度,時尚婚紗攝影風格,吸引婚紗攝影價錢,讓你享受不一樣的婚紗攝影服務。 Bliss Wedding 以專業婚紗攝影態度,時尚婚紗攝影風格,吸引婚紗攝影價錢,讓你享受不一樣的婚紗攝影服務。

(感謝 Joan & Timmy 與我們分享美麗的婚照)


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