Alicia & Phi (婚紗城 婚紗攝影 Apr 2015)

Pre-wedding photo is an important piece of photo in life that it need to be great as it represent the best time of your life. A good quality picture means tons of money and not to mention other things that also requested loads of money in a wedding. My husband and i have taken sometime to select the suitable one as there is just so many in the market. We hope to find a reasonable price one and also can maintain the quality at the same time. We end up found Bliss through the wedding brochure and we have thoroughly searched through their website. The price was not only reasonable but the picture and location background also fit our requirement.
We therefore call Bliss to place an order. The consultant was clear on every procedure and pricing was very crystal clear. First, we went for fitting. The design were unique and stylish. Option were also a lot too. Before the shooting day, we went to collect the wedding dress. I was actually surprise that they provide a luggage to put inside and not to mention the deposit was only for 500. It was so easy to carry the dress back to home.

My location was in China and I met the photography assistant, photography and the makeup artist in Shenzhen low wu. Bliss have arranged a van for us and the shooting start from 10 am to 5 pm. The makeup artist was very attentive from dressing up to setting up the hair. I am very satisfied with my make up as it is not too heavy or too light but just about the right amount. Unfortunately, there is a bit of raining in the morning but the photography was very professional and still manage to take very different angle to make the picture look great. We are glad that Bliss is here to make the photo look so great and to help us save a lot of money too.


Bliss Wedding 以專業婚紗攝影態度,時尚婚紗攝影風格,吸引婚紗攝影價錢,讓你享受不一樣的婚紗攝影服務。 Bliss Wedding 以專業婚紗攝影態度,時尚婚紗攝影風格,吸引婚紗攝影價錢,讓你享受不一樣的婚紗攝影服務。 Bliss Wedding 以專業婚紗攝影態度,時尚婚紗攝影風格,吸引婚紗攝影價錢,讓你享受不一樣的婚紗攝影服務。 Bliss Wedding 以專業婚紗攝影態度,時尚婚紗攝影風格,吸引婚紗攝影價錢,讓你享受不一樣的婚紗攝影服務。

(感謝 Alicia & Phi 與我們分享美麗的婚照)


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