Sophia & Mickael (香港 婚紗攝影 May 2015)

My husband and I searched for wedding photography online and found multiple results. We compared them and drew the conclusion that Bliss Wedding was the one offering a package with the most reasonable price, and we really liked the style and tone of the photos shown on their website. Actually during our research, most of the photos we saw taken by other wedding photography companies seem to be too artificial, unnatural and too much photoshopped. But the photos on Bliss Wedding’s website look just like a fresh breeze among them, lovely but not overly ornate.

We soon paid a visit to Bliss Wedding shop located in the middle of Prince Edward, which was very easy to access. The salesgirl called Annie explained patiently to us the package, as well as the shooting process. As my husband is an English-speaking foreigner, each time I always had to translate to him. But Annie was always smiley and helpful throughout the explanation process, which made us feel really comfortable. When we were not sure about which sites to choose for photo shooting, Annie also recommended the most beautiful sites to us, explaining their different styles. We soon decided to take the Hong Kong HK$9399 plan, which includes 2 sets of wedding gowns/evening dress. On the day choosing the gowns, I was hesitating among several beautiful gowns and couldn’t make my decision simply because I liked them all! But the staff at their shop appeared very patient and let me take my time until I made my final decision.

Before the shooting day, Bliss Wedding also called me to remind me of the small but important things to bring to the shooting, such as mosquito spray or a pair of flat shoes. It was really caring of them! We have in total 3 sites to go. By the time we had finished the first two sites (Ma Wan and Shek-O) and arrived on the Peak (our third site), both my husband and I felt a bit tired and less motivated. But the photographer was very nice and always encouraging us to try out more gestures and poses, trying to grasp the cutest moment of us. It was already dark on the peak and yet the photographer commanded the assistant to use the light plate to create the best lighting background for us. And we turned out taking a lot more pictures than we had expected. We really appreciated all of this!

The photos turned out to be natural and lovely as we expected. We did not want any of them to be photoshopped as they already appeared perfect to us! Now we are waiting to get the final work-albums. And I am pretty sure that they are not going to let us down, as they never did!

Thank you Bliss Wedding for giving us such a wonderful wedding memory!


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